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Student Community Website

Thesis Project for Graduation

Designing a website of an online community for Ontario college students. The provincial community – a place where students can be helped with basic needs, can make connections with others. There are also forums for them to share about programs, school supplies, hobbies, and many more topics. The community site will also have a page to redeem points, students can use points to redeem for gift cards, vouchers at differents store.

It is about creating a student friendly interface, therefore I want to the look to be friendly, clean and modern. It will catches user attention by the positive, bright colors with flat 2D illustrations and graphics.

Versions of Logo


Thesis Book


From Gibbys Electronic Supermarket

I worked as an in-house full-time Web/Graphic Designer at Gibbys from 2021 - 2023

My responsibilities:
  • Design Print ADs that published weekly on Toronto Sun, National Post, Niagara Local Print Press
  • Design brochures, flyers, catalogues, presentations, store banners
  • Prepare concepts, themes and give ideas for the photographer to do photoshoot in advance for generic events (such as 4-hour sale, big-brand sale) as well as special sale events (such as SuperBowl, March Madness, PrimeDay, Black Friday, Christmas Gift Ideas)
  • Redesign Gibbys Navigator, Homepage, Custom Install Page, Top Deal Page, Sale Event Page (references from Bestbuy, Staples, Canadian Tire, etc.)
  • Design landing pages on Gibbys Website, digital ADs on Google Ads, local news websites, etc.
  • Redesign and prototype Gibbys New Product Shopping Page (use Adobe XD, and work with the developer to implement onto Wordpress)